Get Huawei AX3 Quad Core Router For Amazing Speed

quad core ax3

If you’re in search of a blazing fast router then you’ve come to the right place. This article is all about the Huawei ax3 quad core router and its awesome features. 

As we all are well aware of the situation the world is going through right now. Many people have been working from home and most of the students are taking online classes. The Internet has become a more essential part of our life. During online meetings, we are always facing problems like slow connections and interruptions.

In this article, we’ll be going through one of the most powerful and affordable router options for your daily use. The router has WiFi 6 and WiFi 6+ capabilities and is perfect for building a mesh network if you’re struggling with the WiFi range. Let’s dive into more useful features of this router.

Design and Looks

The AX3 router has a quite slim and futuristic design. Also, it follows a minimalistic appearance. With its four folding antennas, it was very portable also in a compact bag. 

There are indicator lights for the user to figure out the state of the router. The indicator on the front turns yellow during normal functioning and orange if the router has no internet. The back of the router consists of 1 WAN port, 3 LAN ports, a power button, and a reset pin. 

User Experience

You’ll be amazed to know how easy the router is to use and set up. There is no complicated software installation process or go through IP addresses on your laptop. Users can simply set up the AX3 quad-core router just with the help of their smartphones. 

All you’ll need is to download and install the HUAWEI Life App through Google Play Store or App Store. The router has built-in NFC support so that you can connect your smartphone with ease. 

Following the connection, you’ll need to log in to your broadband account and password. The router will set itself automatically set itself as the WiFi username and password as of the main router. After the successful initial setup, you can tweak every other setting and customize the router using only your smartphone. 


Huawei claims that the Quad-core AX3 is able to serve data up to 3000Mbps on a 5GHz bandwidth. The speed will directly depend on your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Your up-to-date devices like smartphones and laptops will take direct advantage of this speed. However, your old and slower devices can also connect to the router via 2.4 GHz bandwidth.

The router has a pretty good range and reception. You can easily get a good signal up to 2 floors. 


We hope with the above-given information you’re clear the perks of having a Huawei AX3 Quad-core router. If you’re interested in getting one for the amazing speed and price value we suggest you go for it. The router is sure to make your workflow smooth with better WiFi signal and strength. 


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