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Wada opens the way for Russia’s return despite apparent admission of cheating


The World Anti-Doping Agency sparked outrage across the sporting world on Friday night after clearing the way to drop sanctions against Russia over its state-sponsored drugs programme.

Russia is set for a dramatic return to the international fold after apparently owning up to cheating and agreeing to allow international access to the Moscow laboratory at the centre of the scandal.

Senior anti-doping chiefs said the decision “stinks to high heaven” as investigators recommended Rusada, the state agency that allegedly helped 1,000 athletes cheat, should be reinstated.

A Wada executive board meeting in the Seychelles on Thursday is now all but certain to give the all-clear to Russia three years after doping was first exposed in the country.

British athletes have already said it would be “a catastrophe for clean sport” were Russia given the green light. On Friday night Travis T Tygart, chief executive of the US Anti-Doping Agency, told Telegraph Sport: “Frankly, it stinks to high heaven.

“Wada should stop the sleight of hand and release the new recommendation as well as any information received from Russia now proving they are compliant. If they are compliant then great, we will get access to all the data and samples at the Moscow laboratory and finally justice can be served in the hundreds of cases that have been derailed up to now. If not, the fix has obviously been in from the start.”

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