Home Business Two Quebec law firms seeking class action lawsuit against Apple

Two Quebec law firms seeking class action lawsuit against Apple


Two Quebec law firms are seeking authorization to file a class-action lawsuit against Apple for allegedly violating the province’s consumer-protection law.

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They filed a motion in Quebec Superior Court last Dec. 29 after Apple acknowledged having secretly slowed down older iPhones.

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The company said the move was necessary to avoid unexpected shutdowns related to battery fatigue.


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LPC Avocats et Renno Vathilakis Avocats allege the one-year warranty offered to Quebec consumers for batteries is not reasonable, given the price and the expected use.

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The law firms also allege the “AppleCare” extended warranty is not more advantageous than the legal guarantee under Quebec’s Consumer Protection Act and that “its price is disproportionate to the point of causing the objective lesion to all AppleCare purchasers.”

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They are seeking yet to be determined compensatory damages as well as punitive damages of $300 per class member.

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