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Kevin Love looks tiny next to Yao Ming, hilarious photo


IT’S a good day, folks, because the next instalment of “Yao Ming makes regular sized celebrities look tiny” has arrived.

We’re not banking on the premise delivering us a Netflix special any time soon, but it’s still plenty of fun to look at the former NBA star completely dwarf people, giving them a taste of what it’s like to have small-man syndrome.

Ming, the 2.3m man mountain who was an eight-time NBA All-Star during his near decade-long career with the Houston Rockets, has history in the department. He’s been snapped looking down on tennis stars Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic and 1.95m NFL defensive end JJ Watt.

Hell, Ming even put Shaquille O’Neal in his place — but we reckon the biggest joke was on actor Kevin Hart.

And the Chinese superstar is back at it, this time towering over NBA star Kevin Love.

Love, the Cleveland Cavaliers power forward who stands nearly 2.1m tall, looked miniscule next to Ying in this picture he posted on Instagram.

It never gets old.

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