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Kellyanne Conway chides CNN host over question about husband’s Trump tweets – National


White House counsellor Kellyanne Conway‘s Sunday appearance on CNN’s State of the Union turned tense after she was questioned over her husband’s tweets.

Host Dana Bash asked Conway about the tweets her husband, attorney George Conway, has sent in criticism of U.S. President Donald Trump.

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“What is up with your husband’s tweets?” the host asked.

Bash cited a tweet that Conway’s husband sent in March, but then deleted, which slammed Trump for repeatedly contradicting his staff’s statements.

“It’s absurd,” the tweet read, and sarcastically continued, “Which is why people are banging down the doors to be his comms director.”

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According to Vox, the prominent attorney frequently retweets, tweets — and often subsequently deletes — posts poking fun at the president.

In response, Conway said that her husband also frequently tweets praises for the president. She added that women don’t have to “listen to the men in their lives to form their own political opinions.”

“It’s fascinating to me that CNN would go there,” she said.

Bash explained that she would have asked Conway the same question if she was a man.

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“It’s about questioning, publicly questioning, what you are doing for a living and with regard to your boss.,” Bash said.

Conway replied: “You just brought him into this, so this oughta be fun moving forward. We’re now going to talk about other people’s spouses and significant others just because they either work at the White House or at CNN? Are we going to do that? You just went there.”

She added that CNN posed questions about her husband to try to “harass and embarrass” her.

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The exchange continued to heat up as Bash went on to say that disagreements within a marriage can be difficult. Conway then accused the host of prying into her personal life.

Bash then wrapped up the interview saying: “You are a professional working for the president of the United States, and your husband is a very well-respected lawyer. My point is that we don’t often see, in fact, I don’t remember the last time we saw, someone working for the president in a high-profile position when their spouse is saying critical things about them. That is all.”

Conway followed up on the appearance, tweeting that the line of questioning was “cheap” and “irrelevant.”

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