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Intercepted Podcast: America’s Distribution of Violence


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CIA Director Mike Pompeo attacked a story in The Intercept in front of the U.S. Senate. This week on Intercepted: Senior National Security Correspondent Jim Risen talks about the secret NSA negotiations with a Russian intermediary and discusses where he sees the Russia investigation going. As Trump continues his obsession with the MS-13 street gang, The Intercept’s Alice Speri reports on how this “war on gangs” has given the green light for federal agents to target high school students for deportation. NYU professor Nikhil Singh talks about his latest book “Race and America’s Longest War” and offers a provocative perspective on some of the golden calves of “American exceptionalism.” Iran analyst Holly Dagres of The Iranist discusses the politics of regime change and the recent protests in Iran. Plus, Stormy Daniels helps Trump wag the dog.

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