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Donald Trump fires back at Jay-Z on Twitter after being called a ‘superbug’ – National


U.S. President Donald Trump’s latest victim on Twitter is rapper Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter.

Early Sunday morning, Trump asked if someone could inform Carter that his policies have pushed black unemployment in the U.S. to the “LOWEST RATE EVER RECORDED.”

Trump appears to have issued his tweet in response to an appearance Carter made on The Van Jones Show on CNN on Saturday night.

Jones asked the hip hop star about comments Trump reportedly made Jan. 11, when he described African countries as “shitholes” while speaking to a group of U.S. senators about immigration.

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Carter responded by saying that Trump’s comments were “disappointing” and “hurtful”.

“Everyone feels anger, but after the anger it’s really hurtful because he’s looking down on a whole population of people and he’s so misinformed because these places have beautiful people,” he went on to say. “And this is the leader of the free world speaking like this.”

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Carter then went on to discuss how the NBA handled the Donald Sterling-Clippers situation in 2014 helped create Trump.

In 2014, the NBA stripped the team from Sterling after a phone call was leaked of Sterling making racist comments about the players.

Jay-Z believes the league may have made a mistake in handling the situation that way as “because once you do that, all the other closet racists just run back in the hole.”

He then said,” What you’ve done was spray perfume on a trash can.”

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Jay-Z continued by saying that spraying the garbage would do nothing to solve the problem but would create stronger bugs.

“”You don’t take the trash out. You keep spraying whatever over it to make it acceptable and then, you know, as those things grow, then you create a superbug. And then now we have Donald Trump, the superbug,” he said.

Trump’s assertion that the black unemployment rate is at an all-time low is correct but it follows a five-year trend and still remains higher than the rest of the U.S. population.

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