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Bipartisan War Party Panics as Kim Meets Trump



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U.S. warmongers are in panic mode. The end of the longest continuous war on the planet, the Korean War, may be in sight. This week on Intercepted: As TV pundits gasped at the sight of the North Korean and U.S. flags side by side and Trump treating Kim Jong-un as an “equal,” a solid majority of Koreans supported the summit. UC Santa Cruz professor Christine Hong talks about the significance of this moment, how the U.S. has sabotaged peace in the past and what an end to the war might look like. Tom Engelhardt, editor of TomDispatch, shares an essay on American militarism from his new book “A Nation Unmade by War.” Journalist Elisabeth Rosenthal explains why the U.S. healthcare system is so bad and how Trump and the Republicans are trying to make it even worse. Musical artist Yasmine Hamdan shares her thoughts on war, the Middle East, and Trump, and we hear her groundbreaking music. Plus, Trump stops by Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.

Transcript coming soon. 

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